Sintra Cascais Natural Parks

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Guincho Beach is one of the biggest beaches in Cascais.
Located in a dune area and very exposed to northern winds, Guincho is famous for nautical sports, such as windsurf and kite surf.
The ocean can be dangerous for swimmers due to the strong tides and winds. However, when the weather is nice, Guincho is one of the most enjoyable beaches.

“It has a unique power connected to the strength of nature reducing us to our insignificance”
GPS coordinates 38°43'50.4"N 9°28'26.6"W
Visit Peninha Convent and enjoy a unique landscape. Here you’ll find low vegetation, strong winds, and a great view over the ocean, located 490m above sea level. Do not miss this wonderful belvedere.

“Where the ocean meets land in a scenery with a character of its own”
GPS coordinates 38°46'17.1"N 9°27'37.4"W

Situated in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, the Ursa Beach has a beautiful landscape, surrounded by nature, considered to be one of the most amazing beaches in the area.
The access to the beach is a bit difficult, but worth the effort, and can take up to one hour.
The sandy area has around 50 meters wide, a bit less when the sea tide is high.
The Beach owes its name to the huge rock formation resembling a Bear (Ursa), with another rocky formation on its side, named Gigante (Giant).

“The access is via natural trails with stunning breathtaking views”
GPS coordinates 38°47'34.3"N 9°29'33.0"W

One of the most beautiful and romantic landscapes and architectural creations in Portugal. The Palace combines Gothic and Indian as well as Moorish influences together with exotic and plant motifs which are smoothly extended to the exterior. The gardens have species from all around the world, which were planted according to their geographical origin. The front lawn of the Palace provides a well-deserved rest, while discovering one of the richest Portuguese botanical gardens.

“Where you can enjoy a magnificent moment while at Serra de Sintra”
GPS coordinates 38°47'48.6"N 9°25'16.5"W

The Guincho “ciclovia” is an outstanding walkway/cycling path along the coast, passing by lighthouses and fascinating cliff formations with dramatic coastal views towards Guincho Beach, one of Portugal’s best windsurfing locations. Bikes can be hired for free (bring your ID).

“Ideal place for a run later in the day with fabulous views over the sea”
GPS coordinates 38°41'47.2"N 9°26'28.4"W

A stunning cape that is the westernmost point of mainland Europe. The great Portuguese Poet Luís de Camões once defined Cabo da Roca as the place "where the land ends and the sea begins".
It is located in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and its coordinates are inscribed on a stone plaque on the monument at the site.
The cliff rises out of the Atlantic Ocean to approximately 140 meters above sea level and on top there’s also a lighthouse along with a tourist shop.
The cape is a popular tourist attraction. Every Sunday, bikers gather here to share their thoughts and experiences about motorcycles, enjoying the astonishing landscape.

“With a wonderful view over the Atlantic Ocean, it is a great place to relax.”
GPS coordinates 38°47'00.3"N 9°29'56.3"W

It is great for surfing and enjoying sunsets which are even better when tasting some fresh clams and white wine at nearby restaurant that's built into the cliffs. Because of its beauty, it has been the subject of many photographers.

“Ideal for a relaxed day at the beach and in complete harmony with nature”
GPS coordinates 38°48'29.5"N 9°29'07.3"W

Boca do Inferno means Hell's Mouth. It is a sort of a cave where the ocean comes in with a magnificent natural majesty. It is an interesting highlight close to the urban centre that induces the visitor not only for observation and contemplation of the natural wonder of this place, but also for a relaxed walk. The cave was the first to be depicted in moving pictures, in the 1896 British film A Sea Cave Near Lisbon, which shows waves breaking at the mouth of the cave.

“The perfect place to visit on stormy days and to be impressed by Mother Nature’s show”
GPS coordinates 38°41'29.2"N 9°25'51.0"W

The Pena Palace was designated a National Monument in 1910 and forms part of Sintra’s Cultural Landscape, which has been classified by UNESCO as World Heritage place since 1995.
Located in the Sintra hills, the Pena Park and Palace are the result of King Ferdinand II’s creative genius and the greatest expression of 19th-century romanticism in Portugal. Has influences from the King Manuel period and Moorish architectures. The palace was built in such a way as to be visible from any point in the park, which consists of a forest and smashing gardens with over five hundred tree species from the four corners of the world.

“It is the most visited monument in Portugal and takes me to the medieval times”
GPS coordinates - 38°47'25.2"N 9°23'26.0"W

The Cresmina Dune Interpretation Center serves as a point of departure for moments of discovery, taking visitors to explore, via a series of walkways, the Guincho Dunes and its unique features. Here, you can see fauna and flora native to the region and have wonderfully relaxing moments, contemplating the sea on the horizon. The path has informational panels, where the visitants can identify the several species.

“It is great for a morning walk. Where we can relax in harmony with nature”
GPS coordinates 38°43'37.9"N 9°28'07.9"W

It is very much a continuation of Guincho Beach, though less frequented not only because it is smaller but also due to its difficult access routes. It is characterized by its strong swell and high winds. Good conditions for surf and body board. A beach with a truly natural landscape. Abano beach is a quite discrete beach, of small dimensions located in between the rocky promontories next to the Roca Cape.
The access to the sandy area is made through a stairway.

“A perfect place to escape from the crowds with quality”
GPS coordinates 38°44'33.4"N 9°28'21.5"W

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